Constitutional Convention . . .

For The Common Good

The Common Situation

Once in our nation there was a magnificent selfless willingness of seeking common solutions to common concerns and doing what was best for the common good of all.  But no longer is this the prevalent attitude in our nation.

The Common Searches/Observations

A bribe, is a bribe, is a bribe, coercion, is coercion, is coercion.  For The Common Good - is a term that has totally been obliterated from our national political system.  No one can focus on the common good when they are being bribed and/or coerced to do otherwise.  Politicians focusing on the common good will only return when bribery and coercion are no longer allowed.  When all entities/persons are allowed to each spend no more than $100.00 each year on political issues.  No change will occur by voting out the current legislators and leaving a corrupt system intact.

The Common Concern

The primary concerns include but are not limited to:

No change will occur until the following amendments are included in

The Constitution of the United States of America:

+ Two Term Limit for all members of Congress in both the

    House of Representatives and Senate.

+ Federal Balanced Budget Requirement


+ Equal Opportunity Political Campaign Contribution Limitation

+ No Bribery and No Coercion of Legislatures Permitted

+ Monopoly Limited to 10% of Any Given Market 

The Common Solution

 “on the application of the legislatures of two thirds of the several states, (The Congress) shall call a convention for proposing amendments” (To this Constitution) . . . shall be valid . . . when ratified by the Legislatures of three fourths of the several States, or by Conventions in three-fourths thereof, “

The Common Action

Implement Your Personal Action Strategy

For Causing The Calling for of a Constitutional Convention

1.  Seek out at least two other friends and/or family from your social network that agree with the concept of calling for a Constitutional Convention.

2.  Once you have clustered together a triad of like minded individuals who are willing to manifest their opinions, convictions and beliefs draft, sign, and submit a request to your local County Commissioners requesting them to send a resolution to your state government calling for your state’s legislature to send an application to The Congress of these United States of America to call a convention for the purpose of amending The Constitution of the United States of America.

3.  Be persistent, not confrontational.   Do not expect your first attempts to succeed.  When rejected seek out other likeminded manifestants and encourage them to submit the request for the calling of a Constitutional Convention again, and again, until community support coalesces to the point that it becomes politically expedient for your County Commissioners to act. 

4.  Request that a Community Task Force be established for the purpose of selecting delegates and drafting amendment proposals. That includes representation from all segments of society: Personal, Familial, Social/Communal, Educational, Spiritual, Economical, and Governmental.  The manner in which this Community Task Force is to be selected is to be determined locally.

5.  Request that once the resolution has been submitted by two third of the counties state wide, that a State Wide Task Force be established. That includes representation from all counties and all segments of society: Personal, Familial, Social/Communal, Educational, Spiritual, Economical, and Governmental.  This State Wide Task Force to be selected at a state wide convention of the state’s delegates to the national convention, and draft amendment proposals.


6.  The final amendment, ratification and enactment procedures to be as provided for in the Constitution of the United States of America.